Desa10155 Edit

While challenged, Desa is a canon "God Tier"/"S Tier" Character within the Main-line Bursmin Universe(Whatever that is).

First appearance: "The Boat Level" on Lithium's TTT Server

Karma: Always rocking 1500! ....hmm

Alliance: Lone Wolf

Favourite Food: Used to be fires in the old continuity, but are now 'Ferrero Roche's in the newer issues.

Favourite Song: While Desa isn't one to remember artists or tracks, the research shows they've listen to UnGravitify an legally-standing, unhealthy amount. Pretty much "favourite" is any kind of mashup that clashes "happy fun video game beats" with "edgy emo vocals/lyrics".

Favourite Game: Well.....more like most anticipated game to play, but it's 'Sonic Robo Blast 2'!

Projects Edit

TableKings Edit

Engine: Unreal

Status: ....unfinished

While made in a game engine, it's actual purpose was for a poster but was either misunderstood or falsely "adventized" as a game.

TableKings: Melee Edit

Engine: Unreal

Status: Lost

This was an actual game. It was a 2.5D platformer where the player would race to the top of a level as water slowly rises. It was funny too cause when the player drowned(the only way to die) a laugh track would play, similar to a game over from 'Sonic CD'.

Sadly this was lost due to computer issues. Only photos and a video of an outdated version remain.

Forms/States Edit

Perfect Karma Edit

When their 'Karma' reaches 1500, they gain wings alongside a slightly "ghostly-like" appearance.

These wings allow to double jump or soar to great heights.

This form can be easily lost with misjudgment but can also very easily be reobtained by...doing nothing basically. ( For some reason, karma is given out to people over time and is only able to be "collected" by doing nothing. )

False-Admin Edit

This form was given but mistakenly forgotten about due to a " level transition ".

Despite this form no longer making appearances, Desa is still the best tier....somehow.

Trivia Edit

  • The 10155 came from Big Dyl when he was using a name suggestion for some account making thing.
  • Their first kill in Lithium's server was GamerKing555. (According to Gamer, "it was an RDM")
  • Was the owner of Lithium's RP Server group on Steam for a while....while enthusiastic....they didn't really have a direction for this new group without it's creator. :/
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