Khyron Edit


This is Khyron in his new 2018 Moe Bunny form, not much is known about it as of now as he's still experimenting with it and finding new powers.

Khyron Bergsman (Timothy Hennessee) is one of the leading Bergsman Clan Historians, and is also renown for his multiple forms, such as Drunk Tim and High Tim. He has released a series of puzzles, known as Tim Lore, throughout the years of his existence, but some of the puzzles were so convoluted and dense that even he himself cannot remember how to solve them, leading to a lot of discourse among the avid followers of Tim Lore.

Khyron For Admin Edit

Back in the days of the Lithium-TTT Server, Khyron was one of the few people in The Bergsman Clan to not be granted the rank of Admin. However, Khyron did have a lot of support from H-Admins such as GamerKing555, who would demand that Khyron kill whomever he requested, or else be banned from the server. This led to a lot of karma-bans for Khyron, but he would always be immediately freed by the H-Admins. This did lead to a great divide in the server, however : There were those who liked fun, and those who didn't. In the middle of this fight stood Khyron, not wanting to be a jerk, but also not wanting to be banned, so he proposed a simple solution : Grant him admin powers, so he wouldn't have to rely on the H-Admins to free him all of the time, and he wouldn't have to obey every whim of GamerKing555. This plea, however, went unheard, and Khyron's torture continued for his entire career on Lithium's TTT Server.

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